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it is what it is

 A reflection of eight years of collaboration, this CD highlights both Brooke and Elaine’s songwriting, and also includes guest players Perry Cleveland and Perrin Yang who join them frequently on “the wire”.    

it is what it is

Bawled out Blues

Mr. Coyote

 Not for Thin Skinned

Going Home

Passin the Time

Blue River


Winds of McKinley

The Fox

Turned in the Wheel

Train Wreck


Bittersweet (2006)
This CD showcases Brooke's original compositions including the rich, sound of Brooke and Elaine's vocal harmony.  Additional musicians include Mary Shannon, Dave Love, Steve (Rocky) Rockcastle and Colin Swider.  
The Lazy, Hazy Dog Days of Summer
Goodbye Romeo
Enter the Earth
Fly Away
Heron Trance
Love Letter
The Old Oak Tree
I've Walked this Road
Hey, You
Back Country Toll Booth
Over the Moon


Horses Can't Fly (2003)
This CD was recorded in 2003, shortly after Brooke and Elaine started playing together.  All songs were written by Brooke Pevear. The vocals on this recording are sung solely by Brooke with Elaine making her debut on bass.  Also featured on the CD is local musician Jodi Simons.
Horses Can't Fly
20,000 Feet
Springtime Revelry
Sorrow and Regret
The Neverending Winery Tour
Comfort in Your Walls
Time Marches On
Whose Life
Hey, Whatcha
Wash These Rocks Away


Passin the Time (2001)
This CD was recorded in 2001, before the merging of Brooke and Elaine.  All songs were written by Brooke Pevear, and it features local musicians Tim Tyler and Lucian Sachelli.
Like You
The Ballad of Bobby Blue
I'm Sorry
The Sweater
Dear Mister
Passin The Time
Reasonable Desire
Mr. Coyote
The Stranger
Three Years Now
Hey, Little Girl
Blue Rain

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CD Baby (on line)
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